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Perth Solar City's iconic 49kW solar PV installation at the Central Institute of Technology was launched in April 2010.                                                             

Central Institute of Technology is the major training provider in Perth for technicians installing PV panels. The panels will be connected to the main grid and will provide hands-on experience for students studying in this field.

This 48.6kW system, made up of 162 SunPower 300W modules (panels) will produce 73,000 units annually (73MWh), which is equivalent to the annual electrical demand of approximately 12 houses.   Any excess power produced will be fed back in to WA's electricity grid.

The Central Institute of Technology's Perth Solar City installation is one of five iconic solar energy projects designed to build, test and promote energy efficient power systems in the community.

"Adding to the Centre's training portfolio in sustainability, water operations, and environmental science, this development is both a significant enhancement to our renewable energy training program, as well as a great opportunity for the Institute to contribute to the community effort to reduce carbon emissions," Neil Fernandes, Central Institute of Technology's Managing Director.

There will be four other solar energy installations at iconic locations around Perth, to showcase the economic and environmental benefits of wiser energy choices. 

These solar installations will be showcased at Perth Zoo, Perth Arena, Midland Railway Workshops and Kings Park. 


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