Top Tips to Save Energy

Here are some tips from Perth Solar City to help you transform your enthusiasm into action:

Instant Actions

  • Turn off standby power (use the main switch instead of the remote)
  • Install a waterwise showerhead and take short showers to save on energy for hot water
  • Install energy efficient light globes
  • Walk, cycle or take public transport for some local trips

Easy Actions

  • Turn off the second fridge
  • Wash clothes in cool water
  • Drive smoothly and keep the car serviced


  • Replace your old hot water system with a gas boosted solar system
  • Install a solar PV system on your roof
  • Upgrade your car to a more fuel efficient model

Power Mates

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council's (EMRC) six member Councils will be introducing energy efficiency meters into Perth's Eastern Region to encourage residents to assess and modify their energy usage.

The energy efficiency meters, known as Power Mates, will enable residents to test the amount of power that household appliances use and provide a visual display of energy used; greenhouse gas emitted; and money spent on an hourly, daily or yearly basis.

Power Mates will encourage residents to use energy more efficiently, and in doing so, decrease their carbon footprint.

Residents will be able to borrow Power Mates through selected libraries in much the same way as they borrow books or DVDs. Participating libraries include; Bassendean Memorial Library, Ruth Faulkner Library, Kalamunda Library, Greenmount Library, Midland Library and Ellenbrook Library.

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