Midland Railway Workshops

Perth Solar City's iconic 60kW solar PV installation at the Midland Railway Workshops was launched in May 2010 by the Hon John Day, Minister for Planning; Culture and the Arts.

This installation is jointly funded by Perth Solar City and the Midland Redevelopment Authority.                                                  

The 60kW solar power system will power artisans working within the Midland Atelier Pattern Shop. The installation, powered by 201 SunPower panels will reduce up to 94 tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere per year.

"Perth Solar City is delighted to welcome such an innovative and unique project to Midland.  The Midland Foundry Workshops are part of our collective history having utilised steam, coal, oil and now sunlight to not only power our imagination but also our local industry." Andrew Blaver, Perth Solar City Program Manager

 The Midland Atelier is borne of a partnership between FORM and the Midland Redevelopment Authority.

The Pattern Shop is the core of the work area, where wood, furniture and object design facilities are used daily by artists. 

There will be four other solar energy installations at iconic locations around Perth, to showcase the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy choices. 

These solar installations will be showcased at the Central Institute of Technology, Perth Zoo, Perth Arena and Kings Park. 

Midland Foundry

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