Solar Collective

Solar Collective is a technical trial delivered by Western Power to help investigate ways to improve power supply for the future.Solar Collective

This trial will help Western Power to understand the impact of large numbers of solar PV systems, on the electricity distribution network. 

Western Power will remotely collect electrical data for 12 months over 2011/12  from their assets and monitor the collective impact of the solar PV systems on the network.

Traditionally in a power system, power flows in a one way direction from the major source of generation to the consumer. Solar PV systems can complicate this power flow by pushing electricity back into the network.

This reverse electricity flow can lead to complications like voltage fluctuations and power quality issues on the network.  Utilities all over the world, including Western Power, are preparing to integrate and manage increasing local generation from solar PV systems.

This trial will allow Western Power to ‘stress test' its assets and ensure future power quality across the network.

A neighbourhood in Forrestfield was selected as the ideal location to host the trial given their participation in Western Power's Smart Grid foundation project.  Western Power paid 20 participants $2,500 towards an already discounted, fully installed solar PV system from SunPower.

Results from this trial will be available in mid-2012. 

Solar Collective: Information Sheet Q&A

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