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*Update: 21 March 2012

Due to the overwhelming response to the In Home Display Trial, all MAX units have now been allocated. The results of this, and all other Perth Solar City trials will be evaluated and reported in 2013.

For interim results on how Perth Solar City is reducing household energy use, see the 2011 Annual Report.



As part of Perth Solar City, Synergy introduces MaxTM, a wireless In Home Display (IHD) unit that communicates directly with a households smart meter.  MaxTM, is rechargeable, magnetic, portable and can tell you how much energy your household is using to help you maximise your energy savings.

2,200 IHDs are available to smart meter households, this is the largest IHD trial within Australia. 

As the IHDs 'talk' to the smart meter to receive information about your energy use, only customers with  a smart meter will be able to participate in this trial. 

For more information about the IHD trial visit Synergy's website.

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